I needed long reads with low error rates

MR DNA http://www.mrdnalab.com is a personalized next generation sequencing service provider. send an email to them and you will get answers quickly and cheerfully. Pac Bio, illumina, sequel, miseq, novaseq 6000, and much more .. with bioinformatics support at low prices. from microbiome, metagenome, transcriptome or custom projects MR DNA is one of the best service providers.. always friendly and prompt with their responses and always giving data on time .. They even have rush services if you need data very fast. long read amplicons are particularly nice and of such great quality..

We did a microbiome project with long reads with MR DNA .. we had a lot of trouble analyzing the long reads with Qiime2 and once we asked MR DNA for help even though it was not their data they came through for us and provided data analysis quickly and very inexpensively .. with our next project we went directly to MR DNA and their prices were competitive BUT much beyond this their service made it well worth it. 16s sequencing, genomes and even occasional RNA project that we run we go directly to MR DNA .


PAC BIO sequel II, long read sequencing service provider.. look no further than MR DNA for sure . http://www.mrdnalab.com Dr. Dowd answers the phone himself it is crazy .. he must not sleep ! He also answers all our emails directly (and cheerfully hahaha) .. thanks MR DNA